Susan’s poems and stories have been published in various anthologies and journals, including The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry, The Christian Science Monitor, Cura, New York Quarterly, The Unbearables, MadHatter’s Review, Aloud Voices from Nuyorican Poets Cafe, New Observations, parva sed apta, Philadelphia Poets, and  Tamarind.   Her most recent novel, The Deceptive Smiles of Bredmeyer Deed, which portrays a world where Multi’s rule, people are segmented by virtue of their health and genetic status, news feeds are strictly monitored, and environmental damage is to be managed at all costs, includes artwork by Sarah Valeri.

Susan has given readings throughout New York City, including the Howl Festival, the Governor’s Island Poetry Festival, Nuyorican Poets Café, the Bowery Poetry Club, the Knitting Factory, Fez Café and other venues. She has read in both the San Francisco and New York LitQuake festivals. Prior to publication of her poetry collection, The Commute, Linear Arts Press published a volume of her short stories, The Renaissance Began with a Muted Shade of Green while Three Rooms Press published her chapbook, We Are Related.

Susan has a B.A. in English from Yale, and an M.A. in American Studies from City University of New York. She wrote her Master’s thesis on the internment of Germans and Italians in America during World War II. After finishing her thesis, she completed a two-semester program in fiction writing at the Writers Institute of CUNY. Susan grew up in New Jersey, and prior to New York City, she lived in Alaska and the Boston area. She lives in the Garment District and loves walking along the Hudson River.

To contact Susan: susanscutti@yahoo.com


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  1. George Wimpfheimer

    Robert Mueller turned me on to your work. Have read both A Kind of Sleep and Second Generation. They are both extraordinary New York books with a fine feel for human relationships. And Happy Birthday. From a fellow Yalie.

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